About us

The Gambliance innovating
4-leaf clover philosophy:
Our Values and Method.

Our values

Four values to characterize our diligent
and authentic involvement.


Apply innovation to process


Prepare for the changes to come


Real issues to bottom line solutions


Achieve more together

Our method

An innovating collaborative approach: where innovation,
business, regulatory and compliance shall meet.

Strategic Needs

Assess your needs, strength and weaknesses.

Innovating Goals

Determine and set your regulatory and compliance goals from an innovation and creativity perspective.


Innovate and create in customized and dedicated team and strategy building collaborative workshops.


Apply innovating, efficient and attractive solutions to your organizations, procedures and processes.

Chief Innovating Advisor

Olivier Karsenti

Olivier is a lawyer admitted to practice in New York and Paris (France) with more than 15 years of expertise in the gaming and gambling industry. Olivier started as a transactional lawyer with Wall Street firms and started specializing in i-Gaming in 2007.

Olivier has notably been deeply involved in French online gambling regulation process and evolutions over the last 10 years and followed most Western and Southern European movements (including the recent European cross border implementation of online poker pooling of liquidity among ring fenced France, Spain and Portugal), as well as the inception of American i-Gaming regulations.  

Olivier graduated from New York University, School of Law, and La Sorbonne Law School (Paris).

Our match

  • Regulators
  • Gambling & Gaming Operators
  • Providers
  • Investors and Lenders

Our Arena

  • Americas (United States, Canada and LATAM)
  • Europe (Northern, Western and Southern)
  • Africa (Northern and Western)

A 4-leaf Range of Services

Our 4-leaf model range of services:
a transversal approach


Regulatory and


Transactions and


i-Gaming to i-Gambling,
land-based to online




Regulatory and

Strong multi-jurisdiction industry focused experience to serve pre-regulatory to post regulatory environments towards more efficient application and implementation. 

Multi-jurisdiction experience towards more efficient responsible gaming safeguards and steadier customer database.

Compliance Procedures
Efficiency and performance driven assistance on compliance procedures and processes (such as AML, data protection, verifications and payments), internal audit organization and employees training. 

Assistance and coordination for multi-jurisdiction pre-licensing and licensing phases with a transversal and business focused approach towards optimization.


Transactions and

Transactions and Partnerships
Transactional experience added to a strong multi-jurisdiction online gambling expertise in support to acquisition, combination, divestment, partnerships and reorganization projects in online gambling and related businesses, for transversal oriented advice at each key stage. 

Certain aspects of business integration and combination or and partnership implementation often require additional skilled resources. Advisory assistance from an igaming business compliance and regulatory standpoints to aiming at optimized results. 


i-Gaming to i-Gambling,
land-based to online

Free to pay
Convergence of free and pay igaming requires to anticipate new regulatory environments and adjustments of procedures and processes. Map and implement the adaptation. 

Land to online
Prepare to the challenges of digitalization of land-based gambling towards connected games and virtual reality gaming and gambling. Create and innovate, adapt procedures and processes, map the transformation.



Regulatory Transformation
Map regulatory environments changes and get prepared to potential impacts on business and operations, procedures and processes of game-changers.

New Products and Offers
Elaborate organizational and operational strategy in respect to product game-changers: e-sports, DFS, social and mobile games, skill games…

New Technologies
Establish a vision on technology game-changers from an operational and procedural standpoint: electronic identification, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, blockchain…