Iowa: Council Bluffs’ casinos authorized to offer online sports betting


our agreements have been approved for online sports wagering in Council Bluffs by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

“It will be a new option in the area,” said Brian Ohorilko, Racing and Gaming administrator.

“If you are a resident out of state — you could establish an account anywhere — but those wagers cannot take place until the customer is in the borders of the state,” Ohorilko explains. “Every one of these online sports wagering companies have sophisticated geolocation technology that blocks wagers outside of the state. So a customer that may live in Omaha for example, they could establish an account, but they couldn’t use that account until they drove into the state of Iowa. And then at that point, those customers can wager and those accounts would be activated.”

Ohorilko says it something different for those who have had to place sports bets in the on-site betting parlors at the casinos.

Possibly could make it more convenient for a lot of these customers who could have these accounts established,” Ohorilko says.

The state saw a record $72 million wagered on sports in September, Radio Iowa reports.