ComeOn Group rolls out Hybrid Office model worldwide

ComeOn Group has launched its new global ‘Hybrid Office’ model as the gaming operator moves to make where its employees work more flexible.

Prompted by pandemic-era necessities, many companies have migrated away from brick-and-mortar workspaces, with employees working remotely and communicating via online platforms.

Malta-based ComeOn Group is no different, and is looking to capitalise on this trend to “create a modern and dynamic working environment” where staff can come into work as normal or choose to remain at home.

“Employees are at the centre of this decision. During the past 24 months, all of the teams rallied together and made working from home a success,” said Daniela Vella, ComeOn Group’s COO.

“However, one of the common threads was that the offices were an incubator for ideas, brainstorming and generally, just meeting with our awesome colleagues — so this decision was a no-brainer for us.”

During its 12 years of operation, ComeOn has grown to over 500 employees with offices in seven locations, however, Covid saw many moving online and working from home, which prompted the company to develop its Hybrid Office model.

Following research by a team of project managers and HR strategists, the organisation opted for a flexible set-up with a focus on promoting a more comfortable work-life balance for its employees.

Juergen Reutter, CEO at ComeOn Group, commented: “In the beginning of the year, we polled our people on how they prefer to work post-pandemic. 91% answered to keep it flexible.

“So with these figures in hand, we are investing in a true, top-notch quality hybrid office setup for our employees to participate in face-to-face collaborative working experiences when they are in our locations.”