Evoplay Entertainment CEO Modern player demands gaming innovation

Ivan Kravchuk, Evoplay Entertainment’s recently appointed CEO, believes this year will see gaming innovation across the globe as suppliers aim to meet the player’s demand for entertainment.

Speaking with Gambling Insider for its ICE preview in GI Friday, Kravchuk explained what he forsaw as the ‘next big thing’ in the gaming world.

He said: “We will see innovation in the gaming industry across the globe. There will be a greater dominance of mobile and as a result, more mobile adapted games.

“I also expect to see more dramatic changes in the way people interact with content. Neflix, Tik Tok and Twitch are great examples of this – with a whole new level of expectation for what the player sees play out in front of them.”

Kravchuk explained how increased gaming innovation is a clear result of the changing needs of the contemporary customer.

He said: “Today’s audience demands entertainment and we will see more in-game videos and animation to capture the player’s attention.

“Moreover, as regular devices are exposed to greater technology we might see how virtual reality could become an option in online gaming.”

Speaking of Evoplay Entertainment’s own plans for innovation, Kravchuk said: “We will make sure we are staying on top of the current trends.

“We released a number of successful titles in 2019 and plan to keep the momentum going in 2020.”

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