GambleAware Awareness of National Gambling Treatment Service campaign has grown

Awareness of the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) “continues to grow,” according to GambleAware.

NGTS has mainly targeted high-risk male gamblers (PGSI 8+) and “affected others” (partners, family and friends who suffer from the gambling of others).

Campaign recognition has reached 74% among high-risk male gamblers in August 2021 and 79% among affected others. The number of gamblers who agreed that they would contact NGTS as a first step if they had concerns regarding their gambling has increased up to 60% for August 2021 from 47% for May 2020.

Data released by the Annual Great Britain Treatment and Support Survey showed there was a need for greater awareness of the support available. The NGTS campaign was tailored to promote self-referrals among high-risk gamblers by directing them to the National Gambling Helpline, live chat and online support available via

The campaign has mostly focused on high-risk male gamblers who already experience significant harm from gambling; the materials have been promoted in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, online and out-of-home settings across the entire UK.

Zoë Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, said: “The National Gambling Treatment Service brings together a network of organisations across Great Britain that provides free confidential treatment and support for anyone experiencing gambling harms.

“It is heartening to see that this campaign is helping to signpost more people to treatment for gambling harms, and also working to drive greater awareness of the provision of treatment services.”