German YouTuber Montana Black Proves He can Pull an Audience on Twitch Too

The charts for Twitch’s most-watched channels are typically populated with American influencers who broadcast in English. The like of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, and Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris regularly claim their stake as Twitch’s highest profile streamers.

But in December, Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris broke that trend. For a couple of week’s the German YouTuber, who dabbles in Twitch streaming, took advantage of the lull in esports to attract a German-speaking audience  to Twitch.

Eris has two YouTube Channels, as is often the case for video game playing YouTubers who want to divide their time among different types of content. The first, MontanaBlack, was created in 2009 and boasts 1.78M subscribers. His other channel, SpontanaBlack, was created in 2013 to focus on FIFA titles, but he has since used it to post Fortnite Database-Link-e1521645463907 videos. That channel also has an impressive 1.54M subscribers.

For comparison, the most popular gamers on Twitch, Blevins and Grzesiek, who have been largely responsible for the platform’s growth, have 20.1M and 3.5M subscribers on their YouTube channels, respectively. However, the content on those channels differs from what Eris posts on his. For instance, Blevins YouTube is largely highlights from his Twitch livestreams. Eris on the other hand has non-gaming related posts that include silly, light-hearted videos like the “Try Not To Laugh Challenge.”

While Eris streams on Twitch throughout the year, his Twitch stream is by no means his primary way of generating content. In 2018, Blevins and Grzesiek had 3.22K and 3.09K hours of airtime respectively. Eris only streamed for 915 hours. Grzesiek, on the other hand, had more hours of airtime playing PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Database-Link-e1521645463907 solely , even though there he has more than 100 hours of airtime on all of his top five most-played games and has played 12 games for more than 50 hours.

December saw a change for Eris. Despite having less than a third of Blevins’ airtime for the year, Eris logged 131.6 hours on Twitch playing mostly Fortnite and “Just Chatting” during an esports-absent month. Blevins, on the other hand, had relatively low airtime for his standards, with 181.4 hours.

What did that increased in airtime do for the German speaking influencer? Saying that it simply gave him a boost in hours watched and put him on The Esports Observers’ weekly list of Top 10 most-watched Twitch channels a couple of times wouldn’t be giving his streams growth the justice it deserves.

When top Twitch broadcasters are asked on stream about how to become a successful influencer, the responses are resoundingly consistent. Streamers often advise new broadcasters to have a schedule and stream regularly. As airtime is increased, and a channel becomes a constant, reliable fixture at a certain time, growth is made easier.

Eris’ success in December is strong supporting evidence to that school of thought. While his average concurrent viewership (CCV) for the first 11 months of the year was 16.38K, his average CCV for December, when he streamed on a more regular basis, that average was up to 23.14K.

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Twitch’s top personalities for the year had the opposite effect in December. Blevins averaged almost 270 hours streamed per month throughout the year, but in December he only streamed 181 hours. While his average CCV was on a slight decline toward the back end of the year, December’s average CCV of 40K was much lower than his average of 71.53K for the year.

While Grzesiek’s hours of airtime were disproportionately low like Blevins’, he also had a lower average CCV in December. Despite a yearly average CCV of 30.4K, he only pulled an average of 25.2K in December.

Eris might not fit the typical mold of Twitch’s top streamers because of the language he speaks. Simply by speaking German, his potential reach is more limited than that of a Blevins or Grzesiek. However, by leveraging his years of making content, he has proven that he can pull an audience regardless of the platform he uses.