New Jersey now has mobile sports betting. The DraftKings Sportsbook app just arrived for Garden State inhabitants.

Betting went live on Wednesday night. Tthe Associated Press reported that DraftKings and its land-based licensee, Resorts Atlantic City, are now the first casino and partner approved by the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement for online sports betting. It is the first legal online sports bet in the United States to take place outside of Nevada.

So, DraftKings could become active at any time, and certainly will be accepting bets by the beginning of football season. At this point, only invited customers can register their accounts.

A peek inside the DraftKings Sportsbook app

This week, Legal Sports Report got an inside look at the app. Here’s what they saw:

  • Familiar color scheme and logo
    • Obviously, DraftKings wanted to create synergy across its apps.
    • Users will find the familiar black/green color scheme and crowned-D logo
  • Betting carousel
    • DraftKings wants to increase accessibility for new players
    • Rather than lists of lines, a wheel will present the most relevant betting options to each player.
    • User preferences will either derive from the customer’s DFS betting patterns or via chosen preferences.
  • Softened language
    • DraftKings eschews traditional lingo for names and terms common in sports betting.
    • Instead, various bets and information are functionally-titled.
    • For example, “moneylines” are called “who will win” bets to help novices understand their wagers.
  • Flexibility
    • The app will offer an immense amount of betting options
    • Rarer betting types like alternate lines, prop bets, and in-game bets are available.
    • Players can choose their display formats as either decimal or fractional.
    • Betting amounts can be as low as $.10.
  • Extensive in-play betting
    • DraftKings will offer bets on exceptionally small events.
    • Some examples of available bets are the results of individual pitches in baseball, individual points in tennis, or individual plays in a football game

Live ticket system

Perhaps the greatest innovation on the app deserves its own section. Every single bet onsite will be subject to a live ticket system.

All bets, regardless of their initial type, will have a cashout option available. The value of the option will fluctuate as the game proceeds, but effectively, every single bet on the DK app will be an in-play bet.

“We think this is really going to change the way people are following their bets,” said DraftKings product lead Dan Hannigan-Daley. “Once you’ve actually placed a bet, as odds are changing, we’re going to give you the opportunity to cash out that bet early — before it’s even settled (and) before the outcome is actually known.”

Even parlay bets will come with a cashout option. Players who win the first leg of a parlay will have the ability to settle the bet before the second or third contest.

DFS operators continue to one-up each other

DraftKings is the first online sports betting app in New Jersey. Given the activity at other locations, this fact comes as a bit of a surprise. Especially considering Resorts does not even have a brick and mortar sportsbook.

However, the DFS co-champion found itself lagging behind its rival, FanDuel. FanDuel entered the New Jersey sports betting market two weeks ago with its first live sportsbook at the Meadowlands Racetrack. Rumors suggest FanDuel might unveil its mobile offering before the week is over.

What’s clear is that these two rivals are not backing down from each other. The only question is who will strike the next blow.