JCM looks forward to Peru Gaming Show


hat will be the highlights in JCM’s Perú Gaming Show portfolio this year? Can we expect novelties?

We will be showing products from our award-winning product line. Bill validators we will exhibit include iVIZION, TBV, iPRO-RC, and RDM. Each product has high levels of security that satisfy operators’ needs for anti-counterfeiting and other security concerns, while also providing the speed and convenience players demand. Other products we will show further enhance operators’ abilities to make better connections with their players, including the GEN5 thermal printer, the PromoNet floor-wide couponing system, and the BlueWave DX firmware upload tool.

Besides your presentation, will JCM be leading any training sessions for industry operators before, during or after the show?

JCM will have a training session scheduled the day prior to the show. We have two different training sessions already set up for June 19th, one session in the morning from 9AM to noon and another one in the afternoon. This is in response to the great feedback these sessions have generated in the past. We did not host a training last year, so we are very excited to welcome our operator partners who have been asking us for a new session.

What has been the feedback for the PromoNet system in Peru? 

The promotional coupon system targeting patrons around the casino floor has been in the eye of different Casino Operators in Peru and also in our LATAM market. Offering this marketing tool, Casinos can offer a differentiator among the high competition, especially in Peru where one venue has to compete with two or three other places around for the same patron base. By using the existing Ticket Printer from the slot machines, targeted promotions can be printed directly to the player earning the comps and other prizes. The system is very versatile and easy to install and it works for either carded or un-carded players based on their gaming habits. We have not yet installed the system in this market, but we have a lot of experience and feedback from customers in the USA market, especially in Las Vegas area where the MGM Group is one of our PromoNet customers.

What aspects of the Peruvian regulatory system would you emphasize and why? Is there room for improvement, in your opinion?

Gaming Regulation in Peru is one of the best examples of how gaming can be an effective and controlled business for the region. Clearly established gaming requirements for licenses have guaranteed an effective financial prosperity for the Peruvian market for over 5 years, allowing more than 70,000 slots to be operated in the country. As is the case for every other market, there is always room to improve, but we believe the proactivity the Direccion General de Juegos de Casino y Maquinas Tragamonedas has shown in working closely with other governments and legislations will allow Peru Gaming to overcome some of their own difficulties. An example of this is the work they have been performing against money laundering, or on the online sports betting licenses.