“We’re hoping for, and advocating, an even stronger focus from casino operators on their players”


ne of the largest gambling exhibition in the world takes place at ExCel London in February, where an estimated 35,000 plus gaming professionals will be ‘Leaping into the Future’ at ICE London 2020.  The question though on everyone’s lips will be, and in all likelihood even more so as it is the start of a new decade; ‘what does that future hold?’

“As a management systems and jackpot technology service provider we’re hoping for, and advocating, an even stronger focus from casino operators on their players,” DR Gaming Technology (DRGT) CEO Jurgen De Munck tells Yogonet ahead of the company’s exhibition at the event. “There is no doubt that all operators are fully cognisant of the value of their players, to what extent they actually understand those players and are then able to engage them and reward them is where the real opportunity lies for us and operators alike.”

Notwithstanding the above, the gambling sector has always been, in DRGT’s view, ‘ahead of the curve’ in respect of recognising and rewarding its customers; what remains the constant challenge is keeping up with technology, and as a result players’ expectations of value. “What we are referring to here is not only commercial value, but time, means of engagement, relevant rewards, the physical product offering itself, and the manner in which they are all presented,” De Munck explains.

At DRGT, the company’s design mantra is 100% aligned to what is referenced above: ‘The Player First’. All of its products and on-going developments are focused on either enhancing the player experience directly, or assisting operators in doing so.   

At ICE London 2020 operators will be able to experience first-hand the power of not only DRGT’s world-class Slots Management System and jackpot technology, but its Tables Management System too. Nominated in the category ‘Best UK CMS/Software Product’ at the 2020 British Casino Awards to be hosted on 4 February, the supplier’s Tables management system now affords Tables Managers, and more importantly Tables players, similar levels of functionality and reward opportunities to their Slots counterparts.

“What we are referring to are the likes of: FOREX buy-ins directly at Tables, the ability to configure all Tables in the Cage, the ability for players to cash out directly to their player card at the Table, along with loyalty points, and the ability to issue double loyalty points to jackpot game players,” De Munck continues. “Add to that our globally successful BlackJack11’s tables jackpot game and our recently launched Poker21’s jackpot game, and we’re able to provide Tables Managers and players alike with a seriously compelling value proposition.”  

Similarly, from a slots perspective, vendors like DRGT, and casino operators, continue to search for ways to offer a better player experience than their competitors, and DRGT believes jackpots are one of those ways, according to its CEO. He notes that committing to, and then delivering the best possible service to each and every player is a given and remains a significant measure by which players gauge their casino experience; that said, in specific relation to jackpots, DRGT believes that there are two key factors that separate the good from the great: the ability to offer a variety of configuration options (“We have arguably the largest selection of jackpot configuration options in the sector,” De Munck says); and the ability to then analyze jackpot specific game play data to best manage those configurations.

Armed then with the correct management system, and user-friendly reporting tools, operators are able to easily analyze that game play data in real time (or historically), and use it to increase and enhance their player offering via: bespoke operator-specific jackpots; and similarly bespoke player-specific jackpots, both presented locally or across a wide-area; in so doing enhancing their players’ experience and driving player loyalty. 

The major trend DRGT sees for the sector in 2020 is a focus on even more detailed business intelligence, and further enhancements in the way casino operators understand, engage and reward their players, with the end goal being the ability to ultimately market to a player segment of one. 

“Without an in-depth understanding of their players and a genuine interest and commitment to offering the best possible player experience, casino operators will remain challenged in securing their future; the solution is to secure a systems service provider that values player knowledge and is focused on providing technology that drives the realization of player value – we believe we are that service provider, and look forward to sharing our player-centric systems technology and jackpot solutions with all 35,000 plus gaming professionals who will be ‘Leaping into the Future’ at ExCel London between 4 and 6 February,” De Munck concludes.

DR Gaming Technology will be exhibiting out of booth N2-240.