G2 Esports Teams With Red Bull Racing for Driving Simulation Esports Roster

  • G2 Esports is teaming up with Red Bull Racing to create a racing esports roster.
  • The roster will take on the Red Bull Racing Esports Team name.
  • G2’s newly named squad will be comprised of former G2 Esports players as well as new drivers.

G2 Esports Database-Link-e1521645463907 has teamed with Red Bull Racing to name the organization’s F1 Esports Pro Series racing simulation team the Red Bull Racing Esports Team. Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

The team boasts a slew of players from a variety of countries who play a number of different racing simulation games. Upcoming competitions where the newly named team will be present include Forza Motorsport tournaments, as well as the FIA Gran Turismo Sport World Championship. The iRacing NASCAR team will continue under the G2 Esports banner, according to a tweet from the organization

The roster will be made up of the following players:

Joni Törmälä, Finland

Graham Carroll, Scotland

Cem Bolukbasi, Turkey

Frederik Rasmussen, Denmark

Patrik Holzmann, Germany

Nestor Garcia, Spain

Sebastian Job, England

Aurélien Mallet, France

Robin Betka, Germany

Zach Taylor, USA

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“We took part in F1 Esports last year and the response was incredibly positive. We are a Team who has always backed youth and this opportunity provides us with the potential to engage with a wider and younger audience, whilst becoming competitive in a rapidly expanding and exciting new discipline,” F1 team principal Christian Horner said. “I can’t profess to be an expert in the field yet, but I look forward to seeing how our rapidly expanding Team fares against the best sim racers in the world.”

Earlier this year G2 Esports closed on a $17.3M USD growth funding round. Additionally, the organization added former Red Bull exec Sabrina Ratih as a partnership executive in January.

Fernando Alonso, a two-time F1 champion, previously partnered with G2 Esports and Logitech to create a racing sim team, but the team dissolved in 2018. Earlier this week Alonso continued his team brand with Logitech G.

Last year, Team Vitality Database-Link-e1521645463907 also made a commitment to racing esports when it joined forces with motorsport brand Renault Sports. At the time, the team had just signed a Rocket League Database-Link-e1521645463907 team, but they were in discussion with F1 to join their esports series.


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