Gambling Commission fines Park Lane casino operator 1 8m

The Gambling Commission has fined Silverbond Enterprises Limited £1.8m ($2.2m) following an investigation into its Park Lane Club property.

The Mayfair casino was found to have breached social responsibility and money laundering guidelines during multiple inspections in 2018.

Silverbond failed to recognise indicators of problem gambling, including displays of threatening and violent behaviour, and failed to carry out enhanced due diligence for 61 different customers.

Two of the casino’s personal management license holders have additionally received formal warnings.

The Commission initially commenced its review of Park Lane Club on 26 February 2016, going on to conduct inspections in January and March 2018; accounts from the casino’s top 250 customers were chosen at random.

In reaching its conclusion, the Commission put forward aggravating factors such as the 17-month duration of the breach.

However, mitigating factors were also taken into consideration, with Silverbond having put further anti-money laundering measures in place since the review and fully cooperating during the Commission’s investigation.


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