Gambling Commission lifts Genesis Global license suspension

Genesis Global has been given the go-ahead to resume operations in the UK market.

Previously, the company’s operational license was suspended in July due to compliance issues, with the Gambling Commission basing its decision on section 118 of the 2005 Gambling Act.

But on October 14, the Gambling Commission lifted the suspension, allowing Genesis Global to resume trading with immediate effect.

According to the released statement, the company aims to resume operations as soon as possible and company said it improved its casino brands and customers will be “given the responsible and safe gaming environment.” Genesis will also work with the Gambling Commission to ensure there are no further issues. 

In a statement, Genesis Global CEO Ariel Reem stated the resumption of operations is “a result of the intensive work and huge dedication” that the company displayed during the time.  

He added: “This is clear testament to our commitment to both UK regulations and to our customers. We are also hugely thankful to our staff for their dedication and trust, and to our suppliers who have assisted in rectifying a difficult situation which arose during unusual economic circumstances for the whole world.” 


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