Pandemic has caused 30 rise in contactless casino solutions

Solutions provider Omnico Group has seen a rise in contactless technology sales across its customer base during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, the group has reported a 30% increase in contactless solutions.

Customers are favouring solutions like self-service kiosks and ‘order ahead technology’ that allow food & beverage orders in advance.  

Omnico also states that 40% of customers are upgrading their existing POS/customer-facing technology.  

Omnico’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Ashwell, said: “During the height of the pandemic, there was a rush to install contact-free technology, such as mobile order-ahead capability on apps and smart ticketing.  

“Now, following the easing of social distancing rules, we have several projects running where casinos need the solutions to become embedded into all their systems and customer touchpoints, to ensure longevity.” 

Company research shows that casino visitors are demanding contactless technology and are willing to spend more once it’s installed.  

Omnico found that one in four consumers will only visit venues offering contactless experiences in 2021, while 35% will spend more if they could order ahead via an app; 28% preferred a self-service Kiosk.   

Ashwell added: “While it may have been on casinos’ roadmaps to install more contact-free solutions, with the benefits including reduced queues, personalisation of offers, and a seamless guest experience, Covid has accelerated this innovation. 

“This increased investment in technology is not a knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic, it’s a must-have for casinos. We have upgrade projects in progress that will continue to accelerate this trend, with the end goal being to create a seamless experience for guests as we enter a new era of visitor engagement.” 


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