Prineta USA launches ATM program for casinos, game rooms


TM company Prineta USA announced Thursday the launch of a new full-service ATM placement program specifically designed for casinos and game rooms that is available nationwide in all 50 US states and parts of Canada, and a new placement contract win at a newly constructed casino in Kansas

To meet the specific cash and service needs of gaming establishments, Prineta USA has developed an ATM program specifically for casinos and game rooms that includes high volume cash loading, generous payouts and constant monitoring of cash levels and machine health.

“The ATMs we put into casinos and game rooms receive the VIP treatment,” said Prineta Managing Partner, Tanner Morton. “We have a special VIP watch list for our best accounts and constantly monitor transaction activity, cash levels, and health status with a small team of employees at headquarters while at the same time, our local technicians also monitor everything and stand ready to load or maintenance machines as needed, including on the weekends. That is something that really differentiates Prineta; we have hundreds of local technicians all across the country that can load and fix bill jams as needed and don’t rely on outsourced armored truck cash replenishments that only load on a fixed schedule.”

The Prineta ATM program for gaming establishments is designed to be strong in both payouts and reliability, the company said, with competitive payouts from the surcharge revenues and responsive local ATM technicians with sufficient levels of cash to make sure the machine never runs out of cash or stops working.

Prineta said it provides ATM machines and manages all aspects of the ATM for casinos and game rooms to ensure cash is always available in all states where gaming is legal and permitted: California, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota and West Virginia.


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