“There are 3.5M registered players in Colombia and there is a potential for further 7M new players”

“In March last year we acquired Meridian Gaming Colombia, and until February this year, we were offering just sports and live betting. After the implementation of our new platform, we successfully launched web casino, casino live and virtual games and expanded the offer. With good marketing and a big pallet of products, we plan to maintain the current base and attract new players,” Nebojša Rako, CM Colombia at Mozzartbet tells Yogonet.

“Currently there are 3,5 milion registered players in Colombia and there is a potential for a further 7 million new players. We are focusing on this potential, and our target audience is the group of people between the ages of 25 and 45. The essence of our business is to provide players a place to relax and have some good fun, we want to give them pleasure in this entertainment industry,” he continues. “Mozzart is also recognized for its extremely responsible approach to players, with the aim of protecting players and safely organizing games of chance. Of course, all winnings are paid on time.”

Rako explains that retail channel has a key role for Mozzartbet worldwide, but in Colombia, its focus is on online. “We are well known for our outstanding online offer as well.”

The company had a budget for its launch in Colombia, but due to the pandemic and restrictions in 2020, you decided to destinate it to social assistance. Now that the sporting events are back, what marketing strategies are you implementing? What’s your budget?

At one point, sport events stopped all over the planet. We suffered losses of up to 95 percent, but we quickly stabilized and gained “antibodies” against the crisis. For us, socially responsible actions in all markets became a priority at that time, because the whole world found itself in a difficult time. We have donated more than a million and a half euros in the fight against the pandemic, mostly to health systems. In 2020, we donated more than 20,000 euros to various hospitals and foundations in Colombia.

Social responsibility, investing part of the profits in the development and support of the community in which we work, as well as helping vulnerable groups is something we have nurtured since the foundation of our company. We entered the Colombian market at a time that was not the best for business, but the expression of solidarity with the Colombian people is something we immediately felt as our duty and obligation. We didn’t think too much about redirecting the money planned for marketing campaigns to help those who needed it most. Now we continue with marketing actions, but also with humanitarian work.

Is this your first work experience in a Latin American country?

For me it is the first time I am in a Latin American country, but in the past, I had a chance to work with colleagues from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. I had some great experiences with them and I am looking forward to making new contacts. 

What was your general idea on this region and the local gaming industry?

Latin America was always a mystery and a place to finalize the travels worldwide. The history, the well-known personalities and sportsman was something that always made me wish to visit the area. Regarding the local gaming industry, I had the possibility to get to know it while working remotely from Serbia with my team in Colombia.

What are your goals for 2021?

To stabilize the new platform and to grow rising our market share in Colombia. Also to attract new players to whom we will offer the best possible products to enjoy. Obviously, everybody’s goal is to be the best.


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